The World is Listening

TWIL on Mayfest Radio 2016

Delve deeper into the world of women in performing arts with our series of shows for Mayfest Radio:

Episode 1 – Clare Reddington and Kate Yedigarrof on the importance of diversity in the role as Creative Director (of Pervasive Media and MAYK respectively)

Episode 2 – Anna Barrett, Verity Standen and Ellie Showering on lighting design, and singing with tuning forks, one to one

Episode 3 – Tamsin Clarke and Jessica Macdonald on feminist Ecuadorian revolutionaries, writing, and menstruating in outer space

Episode 4 – Jazlyn Pickney and Katie Davis TWIL team member Jaz reports on a public forum discussion about diversity in theatre and Katie Davis tells us about technical work and tall ships

Episode 5 – Laura Dannequin and Roseanna Anderson on dancing, choreographing, and the human body.