The World is Listening

The Canteen is Listening – another week of women!

Last November we worked alongside the good people of Bristol’s most frequented free live music venue, The Canteen, to bring you a week of music featuring women, plus a drop in and workshops, to present a week long residency. This month to coincide with International Women’s Day, they’re at it again, this time off their own back, making a pledge for parity, and we’re 100% behind them.

Last year when I was working on the music programme with the in-house curator John Blakely, almost as soon as the line-up was done he immediately wanted to do it again. The goal we set to book only music that includes the contributions of a woman not only hit home to how few women there were on the ground, but also how many amazing women there are on the ground! When you change your perspective slightly, you get a whole new refreshing pool of bands to choose from.

So when the idea came around to repeat the week for International women’s day, John approached me again, but, alas, I was too busy, with plans to gallivant across the globe to my family in Australia for a month, and our own 1st year birthday and tickets to WOW festival, I couldn’t commit to the work load. So, they carried on, and have line up a gorgeous week of music and entertainment.

Just to make sure the world knows how seriously they take this acknowledgement of the gender gap in the music industry, and in their own programming, The Canteen are coming in on our BCfm Show next week (12pm Tuesday 8th!) to make the pledge for parity. Tune in to find out what that means for the venue.

See you at one of the many free gigs this week at 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY!


Canteen March poster