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Submerge Festival: powerful feminist performance

Submerge Festival presents powerful feminist performance around the black body, equality and freedom. FESTIVAL – 18/11/2016 – 20/11/2016 TICKETS via crack magazine

Submerge is a new festival of audiovisual arts, electronic music and live performance happening in Bristol 18-20 Nov.  Each of the eight events which comprise the festival present a cross-curated mix of art-forms in unusual locations around Bristol.

Submerge Festival aims to present music and visual arts together in mixed bills, creating shared immersive experiences for diverse audiences. There are some amazing local and international women in the programme, including DJs, dancers, musicians and performance artists.

Here are a few artists to look out for:


Octo Octa
Coroner’s Court | 19th Nov
Catch Brooklyn’s Octo Octa at Saturday’s The Ascent. Otto Octa produces woozy late night house; her shimmering club-ready earworms have been keeping dancefloors pulsing since 2011. Octo Octa is known for her finely-tuned marriage of exquisite compositional flare and primal dance-floor functionality. She was recently invited to undertake a Red Bull Music Academy residency in Manhattan, and has played coveted gigs at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Frankfurt’s Live At Robert Johnson, and Barcelona’s Sonar Festival.



St Thomas the Martyr Church | 19th Nov
Rrose is a mystery; a veteran producer with an alter ego who lives for atmospheric, industrial sound, also straddling experimental house and techno. Rrose takes her name from artist Duchamp’s own pseudonym with her biography playfully stating: “Born 1969. Died 1909.” She stands in the shadows on stage, going by he and she interchangeably, in an implied interrogation of gender norms.



FK Alexander
Coroner’s Court | 19th Nov
FK Alexander is Scotland’s premier destructivist, whose new work ‘Translucent Void’ brings together extreme noise, an axe and a strobe light. The work forms part of ongoing investigative experiments into technological rebellion, the decline of western civilisation, new animal ways and plain survival. 

Throughout her career, Alexander has worked across art galleries, nightclubs and punk gigs, giving her a deep understanding of art and audiences. She often uses her own body, skin and blood to question our increasingly dystopian future; her approach is not po-faced art-wank, rather raw and real. Alexander performs to a bespoke soundtrack by artist Kylie Minoise at Submerge Festival concert The Lost City, which also features artist, Fis.


Claire Northey
Loco Klub | 18th Nov
One of the artists featured in CHK ONE’s local showcase of live electronic music from the Southwest. French violinist Claire Northey brings an air of the North African coast to the UK. Playing a fusion of European, African and East European melodies with looped beats on violin. Now Bristol-based she has just finished working on a new single Braincrash.
GigSoup says of a recent gig, “A folk artist with a twist, Claire used looping pedals to create an authentic sound of an entire orchestra, as the reverb of her electric violin echoed around the growing room. Honest and vibrant, Claire possessed the crowd with elaborate structures that oscillated into the higher ends of pitch, becoming almost loud nothings of note.”



Jade Montserrat – Shadowing Josephine
Loco Klub | 18th Nov
Jade considers Josephine Baker, embodying the artist through a repeated and emotionally exhausting performance of the iconic banana skirt dance. Jade’s performance presents Baker as the first female Black celebrity and questions the intersections between race, gender, class, mass identity and celebrity culture.  Jade is interested in the balance between how Baker enabled ownership of her body and persona and the representations and possible manipulations of her body, combined with an unapologetic quest for equality and freedom.
Tune in to our radio show on BCFM Tuesday 15th Nov 11am to hear our chat with Jade about her work.


Francesca Fini – Snow Red
Loco Klub | 18th Nov

Francesca Fini is an Italian interdisciplinary artist whose work often focuses on the narrative power of the Body. This deeply feminist new work with partner Inanna Trillis uses Barbie dolls frozen into blocks of ice, and the symbolism of the bikini and the burkini to question whether it is still up to men to decide what women should wear.


Project O – Native Instincts: Psychic Labours 3.0
Coroner’s Court | 19th Nov

Project O will be performing the third iteration of their radical dance work, a performance which is still in development and which aims to comment on the general fallout from being black, mixed and female. Artists Jamila Johnson-Small and Alexandrina Hemsley are interested in using performance to make visible positions of otherness, so that they will eventually no longer seem ‘other’. It is a project that tries to talk about, and make visible, the awkward stuff of everyday oppression and to move on from the shame of this by engaging the audience in the conversation.


Submerge Festival takes place across various venues in Bristol, from 18th to 20th November 2016. Audiences can attend the whole festival, or choose individual events. Tickets and programme information is available from