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Under the radar: Black History Month

This month is Black History month, and here at The World is Listening we take great pride in shining a light on some of the women who, we feel, might have fallen under the radar.

We’ve compiled a playlist of some of the great unsung heroines in music, spanning punk, ska, hip hop and of course jazz.

A lot of the women on this playlist have done some pretty amazing stuff. The great ‘International Sweethearts of Rhythm’ where one of America’s first all-female integrated swing band. Featuring some of the best female musicians of the day such as Clora Bryant and Carline Ray. Clora Bryant is actually one of the only females to ever of performed with Charlie Parker (both women are well worth checking out!)

We also feature the ground breaking Mary Lou Williams, and American jazz pianist, composer and arranger. Hugely under recognised as mentor and TEACHER to the likes of Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

Don’t worry if jazz isn’t your bag, we have a healthy smattering of punk, starting with X-ray Spex fronted by the infamous Poly Styrene. We also highlight some new music from a relatively new DIY punk band from Brooklyn,  Aye Nako.

Featuring some of my personal favourites, Dominique Young Unique and Lizzo. If you’re into your indie fem rappers, these ladies certainly pack a punch.

The playlist is open to your suggestions! So get involved in helping us create a seriously awesome playlist, filled with some super spectacular women.