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Glastonbury Through a Woman’s Eyes

It’s a big week in the world of festivals and music here in the South West UK, and I think, probably across the world, I’m talking about Glastonbury Festival! I live a mere 25 miles from the festival site, but I won’t be attending this year, I’ll be sat at home watching Patti Smith via the BBC coverage like millions of others!

Ok, it’s late at night, and I really wanted to get this together before you go, for those of you going, I got through the top 9 listed stages on the line up, and I could barely go any further (collecting data is TIRING), so I picked one of my favourite small stages, The Bandstand, and BBC Introducing for good measure, and came up with THIS PLAYLIST of all the women playing on these 11 stages: Pyramid, Other Stage, West Holts, John Peel, Acoustic, Avalon, Park Stage, Left Field, Glade and of course, The Bandstand, and BBC Introducing, for good measure. I’ve set it as a collaborative playlist, so if you know someone playing at the festival not on this list, add them!!

Stick it on in the car on your way to the site, see if anything new takes your fancy, or if you’re staying home, enjoy it in the comfort of your own abode (rather than a muddy field… suckers!)


I listened to all of these tracks, and, personally, it didn’t all float my boat (come on, really) so I’ve made a ‘Directors Cut’, for anyone who likes a shorter playlist, or is interested in my taste in music… if you like our podcasts, maybe you do!


Lastly, while I was trawling through the line up, I took some statistics, and made this tasty graph.. While I do love some solid data, and a tasty graph, I do feel worried that my graph only includes ‘males’ and ‘females’, which is a whole other conversation, which I encourage you/us to have.

GLASTO chart 2



I’ve made a second graph, because I’m not sure the comparisons are clear enough on the first.. I have worked out the percentages of all male acts, mixed acts and female acts for the total number of acts on that stage.

Total Male Acts: 196
Total Mixed Acts: 51
Total Female Acts: 44

glasto chart percent

If you are going to Glastonbury, whatever you do, look after each other, and have a bloody great time!