The World is Listening

Combat The Critic at Shambala Festival 2016

THE WORLD IS LISTENING PRESENTS: Combat the Critic – A workshop for women’s confidence in music

The World is Listening is an organisation addressing the gender gap in the UK music industry, and creating an inspiring community to support and celebrate women in music.
Their research so far has revealed that a major issue holding women back from a career in music is confidence.

Join experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Niki Collings in an interactive workshop, taking you a on a journey to find your confidence, build it, and refine it. Learn how to manage nerves and the inner critic for your music writing, recording and performance with practical tools and visualisation techniques.

Niki Collings is certified hypnotherapist and NLP Practioner with a first class honours degree in child development. She has 15 years experience working directly with families and children, and runs her own private practice Rethink Your Life utilising hypnosis, NLP and EMDR supporting adults and children with anxiety and trauma.

Come and find us at Sankofas (the yurt by the lake) at 2pm Friday 26th August at Shambala Festival

This workshop is exclusively a safe space for people who identify as women.