The World is Listening

Bristol Residency: Drop-In, Workshops & Gigs

The World is Listening are pleased to present a week long residency on Stokes Croft in Bristol, join us at The Canteen each day for a free drop-in advice hub, and for gigs every night from 9.30pm PLUS workshops and film at The Arts House – full details below.
To reserve tickets to the workshops and film at The Arts House, please email

Programme running Monday 9th – Sunday 15th November:

MONDAY 9th – Jazz Jam hosted by Sophie Stockham
TUESDAY 10th – 
CANTEEN: Saskia Maxwell & Beth Porter (solo)
*6.30pm / £3 / 30 tickets available *
CANTEEN: Bunty (Brighton) & Isolde
* 4-6pm / £15 / 15 spaces available *
CANTEEN: Ríoghnach Connolly Band (of Manchester’s Honeyfeet)
* 7 & 8pm / £15 / 8 spaces available *
FRIDAY 13th – Katya Gorrie plays Tom Waits
SATURDAY 14th – Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band
SUNDAY 15th – Rachael DaddThis Is The Kit & Rozi Plain

* The Canteen, 10am – 5pm each day *
Drop-in to the Canteen each day this week between 10am and 5pm where there will be representatives from The World is Listening to talk about our project, volunteers from the greater music bristol music community to talk ask advice, a representative of the PRS advising on benefits of signing up and support all week on how to register, plus join your peers in supportive conversation, sit with your laptop and do some admin! There will a programme of who is available when, and some themed think-tanks via our website and social networking

* Tues Nov 10 / 6.30pm / £3 / 30 tickets available *
“When you’re making records and in the odd position of people actually hearing them, suddenly something hopefully simple is getting amplified in so many different ways,” says Leslie Feist. “This small thing can ripple out beyond recognition, so it becomes all the more important to have the amplifiers be people you trust. How do you find these people? Who are the amps?” The film follows Feist and her supporting cast through an impressionistic array of flickering scenery, echoing stadiums, puppet workshops, the red carpet, a crumbling French mansion, definitive concert performances and uncommonly candid interviews. Itself a part of the creative mosaic it portrays, “Look At What The Light Did Now” illuminates the synergy of collaboration, art as magnifying glass, and the power of trust. “I would feel a little bit like the peacock,” says Feist. “Ultimately the peacock’s just this scrawny little bird but there’s this beautiful fan around it, and it distracts from the scrawny bird and is this beautiful thing that’s bigger than it.”

* Weds Nov 11 / 4-6pm / £15 / 15 spaces available *
Bunty is an artist from Brighton, and put simply, uses a loop station, instruments, and her voice to create playful and inventive work which crosses artforms in a truly groundbreaking way. She leaves the listener to wrap their heads around something most unfamiliar, a musician who does things that you don’t expect.
Join an intimate group in exploring your voice as a tool, discovering sounds and shapes to build dynamic soundscapes and loops. The workshop will include a demo and talk about the concepts and methods, time to play with voice exercises, FX and microphones, and an exploratory session improvising with the group and the loop station.

LEARN TO DJ with Dutty Girl
* Thurs Nov 12 / 7 & 8pm / £15 / 8 spaces available *
Champions of the Bristol music scene, Dutty Girl, are a collective who musically span a multitude of genres from Dancehall, Hiphop to House and more. They do things their own way, with their own sense of home-girl haute couture style. They have been running successful club nights in Bristol for the past eight years.
This workshop will be lead by DJ Diss Miss and includes a full tutorial on setting up DJ equipment, using ‘Sorato’ to mix, and how to build a great set!

Mon 9 Canteen Jazz Session – ALL WELCOME at this special edition of the open jazz jam session hosted tonight by Sophie Stockham, inviting all people to join us re-balancing and re-imagining the jazz scene with all genders in equal parts playing side by side, exploring classic jazz & latin jazz styles.

Tue 10 Beth Porter / Saskia Maxwell – Here’s a pair of performers, each possessed of a distinctive musical personality and a charming voice. Cornish singer/songwriter Saskia Maxwell adds a jazzy breeze to her original tunes while Bristol’s Beth Porter wields cello and ukulele to animate hers.

Wed 11 Bunty / Isolde – Two musicians who know their way around a loop pedal, Brighton’s Bunty Looping and Bristol’s Isolde Freeth-Hale both use elegant multi-tracked vocals and samples to build beautifully constructed songs with hints of jazz (Isolde) and electro-pop (Bunty).

Thur 12 Ríoghnach Connolly – If you’ve ever seen the wonderful Honeyfeet then this woman will already have stolen your heart. Possessed of a powerhouse voice, a deft way with a flute and a personality that brooks no nonsense, Armagh-born Ríoghnach Connolly combines her Irish roots with blues-belting swagger like no other.

Fri 13 Katya Gorrie plays Tom Waits – It tales a brave singer to venture into Mr Waits’ dark and dodgy world but Moscow Drug Club’s Katya Gorrie is just that. Her cabaret-cool vocals are the main attraction, natch, but there’s a dazzling line-up of talent onstage to back her up and, of course. those songs.
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Sat 14 Dana & The Stolen Band – Ever since they woke up in the same sleazy New Orleans alleyway as Tom Waits (and kicked him out) this bunch have taken no prisoners. Led by formidable banjo-toting professional gambler Dana Immanuel they make down and dirty gin-house blues that will grab the hairs on the back of your neck and shake you onto the dance floor.

Sun 15 Rachel Dadd, Kate Stables & Rozi Plain – This has to be a trio of the most creative and original musicians to have emerged from the Bristol scene. Whether in Rachel and Kate’s project Whalebone Polly, or Rozi and Kate’s collaboration for This Is The Kit or any of their their many and several solo manifestations there’s an unfettered freedom of the soul about each of them that gladdens the heart while charming the ear.