The World is Listening

Turns out the world IS listening! To a panel this week in Bristol…

Last Sunday was International Women’s Day, and events were happening all over the world to celebrate! We celebrated in our own way, launching The World is Listening project in Bristol with a panel discussion titled “Where are all the women?” It was quite a broad subject to begin with, and impossible to devour in just one hour, but our aim with it was to get the conversation rolling and inspire ourselves to do more. We handed out some feedback forms and I’d like to share the results with you. We are going to pay very close attention to these results and are already planning workshops and talks for later in the year based on what YOU want! Perhaps this resonates with you and you want to find out more about how to host a talk in your town? Give us a shout
Or perhaps you have more to say on the subject?

You can listen to the panel discussion here! WARNING: contains explicit language (I think maybe one or two accidental f-bombs). I am editing a clean version as we speak and it will be uploaded soon along with a video of the panel.



Would you attend more talks like this?

A resounding ‘yes’ from all 22 replies!


What other topics would you like to see talked?

Women in the media, and lack of media coverage, whether it be sports/politics/music. Plus independent and female run media and magazines

Gender binary and how to smash barriers

What do we expect from women?

Funding for women

Young women in music, where does it begin?

The journey of music creation over the destination

PR, promotion and networking

Asking for help

Confidence building

Women’s stories and experiences

Inspirational role models DOING IT in the industry and how they got there

Making music technology more female user friendly

Lack of women and people who aren’t white in all creative platforms

Ageism in connection with sexism

Sexuality & women

Music & politics, especially local impact & opportunity

The roles and affects of the history of female music

More about classical music

Gender being de-polarized eg. not needing same gender role models but enabling yourself to have all people as role models

Self management as female musicians

Censorship of our true developing self


What kind of workshops would you go to?

Support for people who want to play an instrument

Improving skills in electronic software

How to mix records

How to create electronic music

Experimenting with sounds – telling stories through sound

Ones based on personal success stories on how to get ROUND the problems that exist

Collaborating with others

Linking writing and performing

Women improv groups

Confidence building

Creative music tech with female approach/way of seeing it

Empowerment workshops

Women teaching women

Music production


Leap from learning an instrument to getting in a band

Electronic music

Alternative roles for women in music

Facilitated conversations in small groups

Keynote lectures/speakers

Public speaking workshops

Confidence building workshops

Production workshops

How to use the studio

Instrument lessons

Experimental composition workshop


General feedback?

A foreword from Jen Steiner, visual artist, musician, songwriter, producer, activist and blogger:
“Sometimes it’s hard to remember that being a female musician is worthwhile; life or political situations can seem pretty hopeless. I went to the launch of The World Is Listening feeling quite downcast about women in music in general, and my self especially. I really enjoyed the panel of speakers, the questions raised and just the whole taking up of space. The main thing I took away from the launch was that I wasn’t alone, that there’s a whole bunch of women who make and produce music, a whole bunch of women who care and that maybe, just maybe, that it’s important, every little bit is important and the ways I (and we) stretch my life, or feelings, to create work or make it visible, are important. So, much appreciation to all of us who made it to the launch and to each thought or discussion that have brought this project into being.”

“A really lovely start to something that will only get stronger and more amazing, hopefully providing a good platform and point of reference for everyone.”

“Really great panel. Good range of women. I want to see more panels with other varieties of women in different areas/fields. More stuff on education and women in music.”

“Always choose women that can speak well and are opinionated enough to inspire”

“Great. Brilliant. I need this. Keep up the good work!”

“Get someone to interview you Nuala! You have loads to say and your passion would work great ON the panel”

“It was great to have 4 such strong, and different inspirational women to listen to and connect with. Hopefully it will inspire other events of this kind”

“MORE. Set up “old ladies” club alternatives (like WI) include promoters agents/managers, producers, teachers guild.”

“Play Zun Zun Egui – amazing female keyboard/synth player. Loved the talk – did not agree that men are innately less nurturing than women. Women must be encouraged to be “single” minded! Great work.”

“Brilliant – at last a proper gendered celebration of International Women’s Day! Very positive for people, another session on the politics”

“Brilliant discussion and kick start to a sound debate. Powerful”

“An excellent first panel. A shame there wasn’t more time for audience views. I do think a future panel could involve a man – they do have a role in the status quo and the future.”

“I think it was really important that there was someone (Emma) on the panel that was used to analysing conversations like this in a reflective and critical sense. Without this bigger picture context it can be really easy to individualise the problem to ideas such as women’s confidence, because that is the framework we are used to. In order to really change people’s mind-set’s and to challenge status quo there needs to be more reflection on why women may have less confidence in accessing the music industry for example. Not just stating that is the reason. So, on that note, in future discussions i think having at least one person who can provide that framework is really important. This allows for developing discussion and not just saying what we are more used to hearing. SO, YES! Really great that that was there… definitely ensure that is part of the panel again! Thank you!”

“I’m so happy i came here today”

“Having mixed gender talks is important, but I think women only talks and events can give a greater sense of safety and taking ourselves seriously”